Learning To Say Yes

It was a Thursday morning when I got the email asking me to pray about leading a different trip. There was a need for an extra leader and one of the Albania leaders needed to switch.


Redeeming Albania

In February of 2014, my team and I first landed in Albania after five months in Asia. And everything was different. The people, the food, the language, none of it was like the familiar things I had grown accustomed too while living in Asia for so long.


San Francisco Moments

Let me be honest, 2015 was tough. So I was more than happy to ring in the new year, full of hope forĀ better things to come.

One of my dear friends Allison lives in California and I have been wanting to visit her for a while. Since I had some time off around Christmas, I decided to spend New Years with her. Allison planned a trip to San Francisco for us since it had been a while since she had been to the city, and I am so glad she did.


The Language Of Kindness

It started in China. I was on a city bus with my team, early in the morning, on the way to the train station to travel back to Beijing. It was chilly outside so I had on my jacket and a long sleeved shirt and I had my too heavy pack strapped on my body. I was standing on the bus when I started to feel desperately warm.


Guatemala – Empty and Filled

The past two and a half weeks have been the most incredible and challenging weeks I have had in a long time. I went from being empty and broken to filled and healed. I traveled to beautiful Guatemala with twenty-two high school students and two co-leaders. I spent days listening and loving the students as they experienced missions for the first time. I spent hours and hours in the hospital crying and praying over a very ill student.


Five Things to Put in Your Suitcase

I am preparing once again to pull out my passport and travel to a new country. Packing has not always been my favorite activity, but after traveling the world for 11 months and packing and re-packing my backpack over and over, I have picked up a few tricks. (more…)