Learning To Say Yes

It was a Thursday morning when I got the email asking me to pray about leading a different trip. There was a need for an extra leader and one of the Albania leaders needed to switch.

At first I felt disappointment. After a few months of preparing my heart for Albania, I was ready to go back there and then suddenly all of the plans changed. But in that moment of disappointment I heard that still small voice reminding me that He is always faithful. Faithful to place me right where He wants me each summer. Then I felt peace about switching.

The next day (two days before leader training) I was officially switched to lead an all girls team to Thailand and Cambodia for the summer. I went from having a co-leader to solo leading. From Easter Europe to Asia. From a co-ed team to all girls.

But still I said yes.

There are so many times in our lives where all God asks of us is to say yes. Yes to stepping out into the unknown. Yes to going on that trip. Yes to speaking to that person. The yes’s in our lives can be so powerful.

Since arriving in Thailand, I have had so many opportunities to say yes to God. We have stopped on the street to talk to girls selling their bodies and made them feel seen as more than just an object. We have helped teach the Bible to brand new believers. And we have prayed for people of all different religions and backgrounds. Each day has been a new and unexpected adventure. But one thing is certain, when we say yes to God, He is faithful to take our yes and turn it into something beautiful.

I still need a little over $900 to be fully funded for this trip. If you would like to donate, please click the link below.


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