Redeeming Albania

In February of 2014, my team and I first landed in Albania after five months in Asia. And everything was different. The people, the food, the language, none of it was like the familiar things I had grown accustomed too while living in Asia for so long.

On top of general jet lag and culture shock, Albania was my toughest month on the World Race. Hands down. My team and I were doing something called Unsung Heroes. This is when a team goes into a country to seek out new ministries for the World Race to connect with. This was challenging for my team and created A LOT of conflict between us. This month was also the only time I was ever really sick on the Race.

So needless to say, I was never in a hurry to go back to Albania. Nothing against the country, I just had a very tough month there.  But something I have learned about God is that He is in the business of redemption.

This summer I have the incredible honor of leading a Passport trip with Adventures in Missions. This trip is for college age students and will be for two months, all of June and July. And we will be going to…..Albania!

For me, leading a trip is more about the excitement of pouring into the participants and working well with my co-leader, than where I am going. But once I started to really think about going back to Albania, I realized that this is an incredible opportunity for God to redeem that space. And not only redeem the place, but to also redeem some things in me.

And now, I can honestly say I am so excited! I am thrilled to have a whole new experience and new memories in Albania with an awesome team of college aged students. Plus the food in Albania……AMAZING. Being close to both Italy and Greece makes the food some of the best I have ever eaten.

I am also excited to be leading again with my friend Chris! Chris is a fellow Louisiana native who was one of my co-leaders to Guatemala last summer. I am excited to lead with him again this summer! He also has an amazing blog that you should definitely check out here!

Thank you for reading to this point in my blog! I would love to ask for your support this summer. The first thing I would absolutely love is prayer. Prayers for the safety of our team, wisdom for Chris and I as we lead the team, and that God would show up in each of the lives of our participants.

If you are able, I would also love your support financially. I need to raise $2000 to lead this trip. After raising so much money for the World Race, this amount seems so small! But I still need a few people who would like to support me as I have the incredible opportunity to pour into other young people.

If you would like to support me or my co-leader Chris, you can donate online!

Donate here for Amanda

Donate here for Chris

If you would like to get updates about our trip, be sure to subscribe to my blog in the sidebar to follow along on our journey. If you are local and want to meet up for coffee to hear more about my trip, please contact me! I would love to share with you all about it. I will be in Baton Rouge until May 29th.

Lastly, whatever situation you are in right now, I want to encourage you that God is always in the business of redemption. Even in situations that seem hopeless, when God shows up, He will always take what we once thought was lost and redeem it for His purposes.

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  1. Allison says:

    Yayayayayayayay! I am so excited for you!

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